FiFO x Deluxe Cycles Custom Cycling Cap

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Our Co-Lab with Deluxe Cycles started with a nostalgic reminiscing of the daily style school that came through our TV's growing up.  Thanks to Bayside High and the whole SBTB crew I started drawing patterns on my sweaters with magic markers and tie-dyeing instead of homework.
Now that our homework is not homework we're pretty excited to present some fresh new pieces with Deluxe, the first of which is this reversible cap.  
This is a limited run (50 caps made in total) and each one is numbered.
Sewn by fairly paid artisans in the mountains of Colombia.

100% Cotton.  Fully reversible.
Memory foam in the brim allows you to stash it in your pocket without damage.

Machine wash luke warm and dry on a breeze.

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