Sizing & Care


To be sure of the fit measure your head using a string and a ruler or measure a hat you already own. You want to measure around the skull across the forehead and over the ears then curving down towards the back.

Fifo caps fit under a helmet.  If your cap feels too tight at first try removing some padding from the inside of your helmet.  After a couple of weeks of wear, the fabric layers bond and mold to the shape of your head and will feel more comfortable under your helmet.  At this point you can probably replace any padding you removed from your helmet if needed.

Our 100% cotton caps can be machine washed warm.  

For Longevity we recommend you periodically wash you cap by soaking in luke-warm water with 2-3 tsp of salt or baking soda for about an hour.  Rinse and run through the washing machine if stains remain.

Note: If you ride in your cap a lot it will probably get salty from sweat so try to soak the cap after your ride.

Roll in a towel to remove excess water, then smooth out the fabric and visor with your hands before hanging by the elastic to dry.

Never ever tumble dry.  

TIP: Drying on your head, (in warm weather or indoors please) will help mold the cap more to your headshape.


Waxed cotton items will hold their water resistance indefinitely.  If however, a waxed item is regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions,  wax should be re-applied annually.  Please contact us for a tin of wax if you need it.

The leather on our garments is veg tanned in the US and will soften and wear over time.  This will add character and suppleness to the product.  Leather straps and holes are sized with stretching in mind.  Holes may feel tight at first but will relax settle after wear.

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