Flooded Red Hook Because Red Hook hangs on a geographical limb on the western coast of Brooklyn it has often been seen as a hard-to-reach part of the borough.  Battered by ferocious winds in the Winter, Red Hook is often the last neighborhood to see a plough when the snow drifts in.  For this reason it's residents have a kind of resiliency to the weather that is unusual for New Yorkers.  

Hurricane Sandy which landed in Red Hook on October 29th was the ultimate test of this resiliency.  While residents, business owners and volunteers banded together to pump basements and lug ruined equipment and furniture to the sidewalks, the extent of the damage became apparent and the whole community has been set back financially.  Businesses lost inventory, equipment and weeks of trade.  Artists lost years worth of work and studio space, and residents have to travel out of the neighborhood to shop and get essentials.

Fifo Cycle is donating 15% of profits over the holiday season to the Restore Red Hook Initiative and there are lots of ways you can help our struggling community.

Our friends at Gage+Desoto and Trimble Racing have teamed up with Castelli to design a Restore Red Hook cycling jersey.  Not only will buying one of these beauties help our devastated neighborhood, but wearing it will help promote the cause of restoration and weather protection for low lying areas.  Designed by Jonah Birns, it will surely be a collectors item.

For more ways to contribute or to donate directly please go to the Restore Red Hook site.

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