Caps for a Cause

When I headed to Medellín in 2015 to build a sustainable production operation for my work I had no idea of what to expect and even less of an idea of how to begin. It had already been quite a long road to here with many sojourns and daily doubts.

But the thing I've learned the most in the last few years is that the little encounters that happen in your daily life will keep you pushing through when everything seems pointless.

And surviving unknown territory cannot be done alone.  Shit gets on top of you. You need to create a community wherever you roam so that you can feel less alone, and more confident in the face of challenges. 

Being my own boss has taught me to appreciate the journey as the reward - an incredibly difficult idea to accept in the beginning - but one that polishes character like Brillo.  The myriad of mishaps that can sometimes shape our days soon become battles won, and we find ourselves moving forward a little tougher, a little more wise to the world for having chewed a little more grit.

I wanted to find a way to recognize the encounters big and small that I've had on this journey - the one I vowed to undertake at 4 years old when I saw an atlas for the first time and my head went into a spin.  

Caps for a Cause is a series of printed caps inspired by my travels around the world and the dedication I've seen even in the poorest of regions to make small differences.  Each cap edition will focus on a particular issue and highlight an organization striving for change in that area.  We hope in this way to bring attention to smaller under-recognized groups and make even a few more people aware of their gallant efforts.

At least 5% of the profit’s from each cap will be donated to the corresponding organization at the end of each month.  Customers can read about each cap and cause on the product pages.

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